mani che fanno creazioni con tessuto


What I can make for you


Accessories and Clothing

Limited Edition

I design and create Limited Edition Accessories and Garments, both for the private customer looking for an out of the ordinary style and for the boutique who wishes to present a special and exclusive product.
My creations are characterized by the simple yet refined line of the models and by the decorative motifs of the fabric that can be both hand painted and printed.
For the packaging and creation of the product I make use of excellent and trusted artisans and small production companies both in the area and outside the region who carefully follow my small creations and personalized styling consultancy projects.
The small "flaws" that can be found in the items are a distinctive characteristic given by the artistic / craftsmanship method typical of the so-called Made in Italy.
The products vaguely recall the ‘50s fashion style thanks to the lines, basic materials and patterns. The idea was born from the heart of my research in the world of style that begins with Textile Design and from which from which I was able to learn the infinite possibilities of growth in Fashion

To view or purchase the products you can visit the shop and to arrange a meeting for a personalized stylistic consultancy we can get in touch

disegno artistico di donne con colori diversi su tessuto disegno artistico di fiori su tessuto grigio disegno artistico di fiori su tessuto rosso

Textile Design

Exclusive products

I create and develop patterns mainly intended for companies that produce printed fabrics, brands and for clothing manufacturers.
My designs are the result of an in-depth research inspired by the environment in which I live with focus on the latest designs of fashion brands regarding themes, motifs and colors.
Each design is unique and exclusive because it is born freehand using different bases, from paper to fabric, accompanied by a real-size photographic file ready to be proportioned and printed.
I develop custom designs and hand-painted samples for packaging companies, brands and boutiques. I present my designs through the method which is now a mainstay in the fashion industry: annual collections based on the seasons, Autumn / Winter and Spring / Summer, with thematic suggestions that range from the most classic themes such as the flower or animal print, to the most extravagant abstractions, geometrical shapes and hyper-realistic figuratives

To view the collection and/or to commission a creation or arrange a meeting we can get in touch.

Sedia fatta con tessuto con disegno artistico di fiori bianco e nero con sfondo con alberi disegnati e piante Schienale di una sedia fatta con tessuto con disegno artistico di fiori

Furnishing Accessories

Made by Design

My designs can be adapted to the world of home decor, bringing a touch of uniqueness to any environment.

The accessories created by me are mainly intended for private customers or architecture studios that wish to personalize an environment in a way that combines the atmosphere of the environment and the customer's vision.
Through my pattern designs, made both by hand and printed on fabric or paper and the collaboration with specialized artisans, I can modernize the most classic home decor or the most uncharacteristic environment with an intervention of colours and shapes seen both on the panel and on the upholstery

The decorative elements for the home decor can be inspired by an already existing design from my collection or by developing a clients idea or vision.

For a consulting and/or order or to arrange a meeting we can get in touch